The ticket to the external world…The beginning of the hereafter…

If I was given a moment, just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever, and that moment would last forever.

I'd put the moment in a safe locker, within my heart's abode. I could open it when I wanted, and only I would know the code.

I could choose a time of laughter, a time of happiness and fun I went through. I could choose a time that tested me in my hard times and struggle I went through.

I sat and thought about the moment that would always make me smile. One that would always push me to walk that extra mile of my life journey.

There are moments I can think of, that would lift my spirits up every time. The moments when you picked me up, when the road was hard to climb.

I've dug deep inside my heart, found the safe and looked inside. There was room for lots of moments; memories I wish I get them back.

I'm building my own little library, embedded in my heart, for all the moments spent with you before you had to part.

Death is not the end, nor the final word. Don’t cry over it, it’s not gone… Soul at rest heart lives on…

It’s time to leave when HE put his arms around you and whispered ‘come to me’ The sour truth, no one can escape.

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Courtesy :Muduvai Hidayath