Memories Versus Dreams


Every Person’s Life can be described just in two phases: MEMORIES and DREAMS.

We are all blessed with warm memories which are treasured in our hearts. These good and bad memories help us to evolve. Though we cannot relive those memories, we enjoy the past glory.

It is a known fact that we all, RIGHT FROM OUR STUDENT LIFE BEGIN TO DREAM of a FUTURE WHICH WOULD BE PICTURE PERFECT. and then begin the travel to our Destination.

We face all kinds of turbulences in the path to achieve Our goal.

No path is a bed of roses; there are pebbles, pits, thorns and even boulders to obstruct the path of success.

Some of us weather all the storms and patiently try to remove the hurdles, to become WINNERS. Our lives are filled with experiences, a combination of good and trying moments, that becomes memories which can be cherished.

We can look back the memory path with pride, when we have reached the top most peak of the pyramid of success. Some people due to various factors, want others to do the removal of the obstacles, they do not want to toil to smoothen the road to success and want to reap benefits without sowing seeds, becoming the selfish ones. If Lucky, they are successful to an extent as such kind of success wholly depends on others. They are the PARASITES of the society. They can even trample others interest to realize their personal goal. They do not have any experiences of their own, and have no pleasant memories, as whatever they indulged in was a combined effort, hence the credit is shared.

The third category of people is below average people who have no dreams, leave aside dreaming big, in the first place, they are content with what they have. They are the weaklings who do not trust their efficiency. Or they just want to relax and idle away the precious moments. They believe the effort is not worth it. therefore remain as failures. Such Lives have nothing much to talk about. They neither have experiences which could be treasured and shared as memories nor do they have any dreams to realize, they just keep treading the path of LIFE monotonously. they do not LIVE but just EXIST.

Let us just observe the relationship between MEMORIES AND DREAMS.

Memories form as much as an integral part of our dreams; memories may not fetch us any results but always lets us Dwell in a private world, we travel the path once again which was treaded by us, some wonderful moments, some good and some awful moments. But whatever it is they were a part of our life, so bad memories need not be shunned away, Instead one can learn from the experiences and take caution that we do not cross that path again.

Every person dreams, they could be big ones and some unimportant ones, but we all do dream. No person is too old to Dream, the future always belongs to those who dare to dream and also lives up to realizing his dream. Some dread to Dream as they fear about the failures. But the confident people dream, trusting their potential and make their dreams Come true and emerge as winners. When one believes in his dreams, he always fulfills his dreams; it may take a life- Time, but yet he realizes his goals.

Memories however precious they were, fade with the passage of time, unless one is good at reliving those moments. But if the past was a nightmare, move on leaving behind the scars and time will surely heal them. Memory files all the Experiences in the innermost layers of a labyrinth, threatening to pop out at the slightest pretext. Glorious ones should Always be visited, which actually rejuvenates us, but the dark chambers through which we traveled, should be let alone. Journey in the past makes us nostalgic. Some magnificent ones fill hopes all over again and some difficult ones dampen Our spirits.

Dreams should be pursued with confidence and courage or they will not see the light. Everyone dreams, to keep one self Going on with Life. To stop dreaming, will mean one has no hopes and wants to accept his fate. Day dreamers are the real ones who just do not forget about their dream, once they wake up. They just do not build Castles in the air. They are dangerously possessed with ambitions, hopes and aspirations. They are focused towards their goal. Just dreaming and sitting around will not fetch results. Start working towards achieving your goal. Every desire can become a dream and every dream can be transformed into reality.

None can escape memories and dreams. We all have to face facts and cannot avoid reality. We may dream which could transport us temporarily to a fantasy world. The sweetness prevails as long as we are asleep, once we are awakened, our dream is shattered into fragments and vanishes in the dust and we are compelled to face the existing reality. Life without a vision is dangerously hopeless. Such people perish as they become the slaves of monotony. Idlers just wish the night to continue and enjoy the illusion. They are aware, that to live a dream is not as easy as dreaming, dreams have no entrance; we have to create one to enter into it, by striving hard.

Memories excite us, sadden us and so do dreams. Dreaming for a stable future is much better than regretting the past Do not waste time and energy in worrying about the things which already has become history, let bygones remain by- Gones, such memories should be helpful in assisting us to mend our follies and begin afresh. Let the dreams assume a Beautiful form, thus filling our lives with contentment and happiness. Never be incomplete. Achieve all that the heart Desires and let sky be the limit. Always look forward for the night to end and prepare to brace the fresh light of the Day, so that you can start working towards your dream.

Memories are each person’s personal diary, which could become someone else’s inspiration, when shared. If one was successful, such memories of his journey, the experiences, could actually guide others. It can serve as an Inspiration to all.

Day dreamers are the leaders. They do not get swayed by the fantasy world but face the reality, a seed of thought is developed and transformed into a tree of visionary forms. They are the wise ones who know how to make lemonade Out of a lemon.

Dreaming when we are asleep is a state, when we enter into a maze created by the unconscious mind, some hold significance and some don’t. It just lets us dwell in the thoughts of the day which were prevalent prominently in the depths of our mind. The knotty thoughts extend as dreams without any chronological order.

On a humorous note, in our dreams we can be clumsy, disorganized and insane without being answerable to anyone. We enjoy a world which is different from the real world.

Memories warm our hearts and some pierce our hearts and leave us totally shaken and shattered. When we move on, from a bitter past, we are also blessed with the power of endurance which helps us to spring up in life. We have to design our frame of mind in such a manner that we glorify the good memories and erase the bitter memories. Once we master this art, and then we can succeed in forming a solid base for a good future.

In a relationship, if the memories are linked with a particular person, then it could mean the world to us and elate us But late, if we have differences with the same person, the same memories which we cherished yesterday would become our enemy. We loathe to be reminded of it. We wish and pray that these memories revolving around that person are tucked away in the innermost chamber of our hearts. The worst and bitter memories always get engraved in our minds and fail to fade; they threaten to tear us apart. We should not give in to vulnerability, during such moments, we could just divert our mind and snub the ugly monster’s head. We should engage in more pleasant memories that would help us over shadow the unpleasant memories.

The passed moments were experienced already, but the future is yet to be visited, so tread with care without Stumbling and repeating the previous mistakes. We have to evolve into a new person. That does not mean, we should stop being what we are, and stop loving the things, we used to love. We could just develop a magnanimous attitude and behave in a matured manner. Every individual has to be thirsty for knowledge and be flexible. Moments passed can never be brought back. Photographs capture the moment which lives on forever. Time flies, and with the passage of time, everything undergoes a tremendous change, people and their attitude Change, nothing remains static, but we only have the memories which remain with us. memories of some loved ones Who entered our lives to fill joy and memories of some who hurt and betrayed us, are embedded in our minds. An idle moment is enough for memories to come flooding back to our brain, to soak us in the past, which could bring out a smile or a tear, or just a sigh. It is the reflection of our past.

Some like changes and some don’t, they are content with the normal routine, and they do not want to be interrupted by surprises. Such people have no great memories as the life is conducted in monotony. However, memories dwindle as days pass by and fade into oblivion. If not refreshed, they are layered and stuck in Shovels of dust, that piles on them. Of course, good memories are never shoved back to get faded, mostly the dark Ones are left behind.

The sweet, sour, bitter and even tasteless memories are absorbed into the mind’s closet, And they echo, and linger around Dreams land us altogether on a different planet, which could be far away from reality. They create hope in even the Hopeless souls. Though farce, dreams have the capacity to influence us, as long as we are in its web. They get us Charged and vice –versa. The quality and nature of the dreams depends on a large extent on the type of thoughts, We engage in. They range from the past to the future. Those incidents that have occurred and also the ones yet to occur. We would actually do things in dreams which we would never ever imagine doing in the daily life, such is the power of dream, but it is like a bubble, excites us as long as they are floating and bursts into nothing, once we are awake. Dreams could turn a king into a pauper and a lay man into a powerful one. Even though momentarily, dreams satisfy our needs. They are neutral, irrespective of caste, age, stature and gender. They treat all with equality.

Memories chase us and we chase our dreams. We have to train ourselves to be more observant and aware of our surroundings during our waking hours and this Will help us to perceive our goal.

The dream experience, while asleep, is a real occurrence but we do not have real control over it, they are vague and Undefined, we may not be able to reproduce it after waking up in a sequence; they may have no beginning and end, but when we dream while sober and wide awake, we make real sense as it represents our mind and ideas. We can transform them into a reality.

Memories record and pile up the data that transpired in our life. We can visit these galleries as and when we please. Staying on and leaving these areas solely depends on our convenience. Dreams mostly are distorted and meaningless and occur when the mind is in sub conscious state. When a person is going through a rough patch in Life, he longs at least for the memories of his past which represented a golden period. We also treasure some good relationships in our memories not willing to let them go off, but we also would like to be treasured in the other person’s memory track record. UNFORTUNATELY, this happens when the relationship is alive. Once the bond goes sour, we tend to taint the memories too, even if they were excellent, we remember those memories scornfully. as we no longer nurture the same feelings for the concerned person, unless he is a family member.