Mental Health For All


Of all Living creatures, We Human beings, are the wonderful and the most gifted ones.

Life is not just a Path of Roses, for anyone. It will also have Thorns on it. While we can walk smoothly on Roses, we need to tread on the Thorns more carefully. Likewise, Problems may be there in anyone's Life. It all depends on how they are handled and solved.

As Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has rightly said, "We should not give up. We should not allow the problem to defeat us."

But to everyone' s shock, the number of people who get bogged down due to problems in their lives is increasing day by day, globally.

People are either committing Suicide or getting into mental depression, just because their day - to - day expectations are not met with or when they face failures that are temporary.

While Committing Suicide is not the solution for any problem, living with Anxiety and depression for long may lead to mental disorders.

There are many people who get addicted to smoking, alcohol and drugs to kill that depression, which again leads to other fatal health problems.

Statistics reveal that the world has presently more than a 100 crore mentally Ill patients.

To spread awareness in handling and treating such patients with utmost care, kindness and dignity and also regarding mental health, the 10th of October every year, World Mental Health Day is observed.

A Sound Mental Health is our Right.

Let us STAY STRONG MENTALLY, face the Challenges of Life BOLDLY and LIVE LONG HEALTHILY.



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