Mother Nature


It's a beautiful evening 'my oh my'

Cold and pleasant,

Let me wonder

How perfect you are

'My oh My'

Rain drops toched me and said


I have a gift for you oh my oh my

"It's life"

My oh my what a

Beautiful gift

I got Mother Nature

You take a seed and give birth and be a pine tree

I adore your care

Love your kind

Mother Nature

The Best gift man kind can get

'My of my '

your cold breeze soothens my pain

Your rain wipes

My tears and wind

Let me find the strength within me

And kill my fear

Sunshine gives the

Ray of Hope

For a Better Tomorrow

'My of my '

Mother Nature you paused us and revival


Now let us clean ourselves in rain

Let us revive our life ,

Let us live the gift you gave us and you

Mother Nature

Let us live the gift you gave us ,you may pass it on...

DO not pause ,Do not pause ...Let is pass.


Diana Poongkodi