AJBWC diversifies its initiatives and channels of cooperation during the first half of this year



Dr. Amna Khalifa Al Ali, Board member of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and Chairwoman of the Ajman Business Women Council (AJBWC), stressed the importance of diversifying initiatives and programs that support businessmen, businesswomen, and those who are going to kick off special projects, and the need to develop innovative initiatives that keep pace with the aspirations of project owners and the directions of the state.

Dr. Amna explained that the AJBWC is keen to enhance the benefit of its members, who have obtained Bidayat licenses, and business owners in general, through a wide range of specialized initiatives that provide added value. AJBWC strengthened its program of initiatives during the year 2022, with new 7 initiatives, namely: "My Car" initiative, "Ryouqi" (My Breakfast) initiative, “Rufof” initiative, “Emirati Jamila” initiative, "Sports Platform" initiative, "Summer Program 2022", and "Business Clinic" initiative".

Dr. Amna added that the AJBWC adopts a comprehensive training plan to enhance the administrative, marketing and technical expertise and capabilities of female business owners in particular, with holding 5 workshops and courses during the first half of this year. AJBWC also adopts a plan to organize a number of specialized forums, including the “First GCC Forum and Exhibition 2022 for Fashion and Jewelry" with the participation of 53 business owners, the “Women is the Pulse of the Nation” forum under the slogan “Quality of Life”, and the "In Ajman"exhibition in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development in Ajman.

AJBWC has diversified its participation in a number of forums, as they are one of the most important development tools for business owners' projects and a platform for project development and the exchange of experiences and best practices. The Council participated in the "Entrepreneurship Conference", the "6th Regional Forum for Arab Women", and the "Make it in the Emirates Forum".

The Council also strengthened its partnerships, as it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Umm Al Moumineen Women's Association, a cooperation agreement with the Sharjah Ladies Club, a cooperation agreement with the Arab Women’s Council, and a memorandum of cooperation with the Department of Land & Real Estate Regulation. It also received a delegation from the Business Women’s Association in Kazakhstan and a delegation from the Kingdom of Thailand to discuss cooperation opportunities, strengthen partnership, and exchange experiences.

Dr. Amna confirmed that the AJBWC seeks to increase its activities and participation during the coming period, in addition to strengthening cooperation with various relevant governmental and private entities, in order to achieve its objectives, namely: “overcoming the difficulties that female business owners may face, organizing various activities and programs that meet the economic needs of women, strengthening businesswomen’s relations with local and international companies and bodies, launching initiatives and holding workshops and seminars with the aim of supporting businesswomen’s activities, and strengthening ties with women’s councils inside and outside the country."