Roti with Punjabi style Rajma masala


Take one required cup of Rajma and soak it to maximum 8 hours.

Then put it in pressure cooker.

Add sufficient water so that Rajma is completely soaked and water level is about 2 inches above the Rajma.

Add 1 cinnamon stick..1 Bay leaves...2 black cardamom and little salt and cook till 6 to 7 whistles.

Open and check its cooked softly so that if you press it should get smashed.

Then in a pan...pour 2 tbsn of oil. Once heated add cumin seed...after it splutters...then one sliced onion...saute it well till it turns little brown but not much...add one spoon of ginger garlic paste..then add 2 sliced tomatoes...saute nicely...add salt..close the lid...let it cook for 3 mints.

Then check tomatao has become nicely soft. Now switch off let it cool.Then blend it in to puri.

In a pan pour oil...add 2 tsp of Kashmiri chillie powder...stir nicely...then add the puri...keep the flame low and stir nicely...continuously..

Now add 2 tsp of coriander pinch of turmeric powder...salt...and stir again nicely it turns to orange close and cook with life covered.

Check and stir time to time..till oil separates and gravy becomes thick. Now add the cooked Rajma...stir nicely with the gravy...

Add one cup of water or more according to requirement...close the lid let it cook for 5 to 6 the lid...add garam masala...and corriader leaves. That's it.

Punjabi style Rajma ready

Anandhi Muthukumaran