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Saluki Championship Finals finish strong in Dubai

Saluki race pedigrees from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman put on a show of speed and stamina


Food Packaging Industry in Unprecedented Growth Boom with COVID Outbreak

UAE industry to grow to AED 14 billion from AED 10 billion in 2020 in the next five years; MEA industry valued at AED 300 billion.

The Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences (AUASS) congratulates UAE on the Hope Probe Mission

I would like to emphasize that this achievement has been one of the greatest hopes and will remain one of the greatest accomplishments, which AUASS plans to build upon in its strategic directions at the national level in the coming years.

The University of Sharjah and the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children Enhance Cooperation

The University of Sharjah signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children with the aim of strengthening cooperation to achieve their goals and exchange of knowledge and skills.

RAKBANK Reports Net Profit of AED 505.4million for 2020

The Board of Directors recommended a distribution of cash dividend of 15% of the share capital (15fils per share) for the shareholders' consideration and approval at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)..

Google Cloud finds's conversational AI provides end-to-end robotic support in 92% of cases

In a detailed case study on Google Cloud, Gaurav Singh, the CEO & Founder of, elucidates how the platform helped them concentrate on core resources allowing time and mind space for achievable innovations.


Toastmasters' community witnesses 3,000 participations in a 3-week long fitness challenge

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs.

Let's Defeat Breast Cancer Together

By Dr. DivyaHegde, Specialist - Obstetrics & Gynecology, Thumbay Medical & Dental Specialty Center, Sharjah.

Pink Caravan announces over 50 educational and free screening activities

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer diagnosed in the UAE, and Pink Caravan hastaken the lead to make the fight against cancer a community goal.

Rise in 'Text-Neck' Cases a Cause for Concern, Say Experts at Thumbay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital

Back pain and neck pain are some of the common health issues reported by working professionals and students.


COVID inspiration to All

Nisha John , an Artist living in canada, shares her exclusive interview to

Bodour Al Qasimi, first Arab woman to be appointed president of the International Publishers Association

First Arab woman and second, globally, to helm the prestigious organisation.

12-year-old UAE resident, Kande Summers, launches debut novel at SIBF 2020

She particularly enjoys visiting book fairs with her parents, said the young author, adding: 'I think it is a cool start to get my debut novel out at SIBF.'

Best Feminine Dedicated Women of the Year Award

Mrs.sri Devi from Abu Dhabi and Dr.Sri Rohini from Dubai received the Women Achiever Award.

Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year.


Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole

How to make Hashbrown Breakfast Casserole ?

Chocolate Chip Melts

How to make Chocolate Chip Melts ?

Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Muffins Tasty Gluten Free!

How to make Flourless Double Chocolate Chip Muffins Tasty Gluten Free ?


How to make Peppernuts ?

Easy Chocolate chip cookies

How to make Chocolate chip cookies ?

Home Made Beeda

How to make Home Made Beeda ?

Panneer Tikka

How to make Panneer Tikka ?

Roti with Punjabi style Rajma masala

How to make Rajma masala ?

Spicy prawn masala

How to make Spicy prawn masala ?


Master Movie Review : Vijay vs Vijay Sethupathy

Vijay plays a role of an alcoholic college professor who was sent to a juvenile criminals' facility to teach..

New Year

A Fresh NEW YEAR begins with Joyful spirit, New Resolutions, and New Aspirations. Time flies fast ; Hours pass by, days pass by, weeks pass by, months pass by, years pass by, decades pass by and centuries pass by but still when the NEW CALENDER YEAR BEGINS..

5 Exciting Things to do this Winter at Sharjah's Al Noor Island

Visitors can enjoy a sky watchingsession, Butterfly House visit, By the Bay experience and much more atthis picturesque destination.


Christmas is celebrated Every Year on December 25th to commemorate the birth of Jesus .

Deepavali-The Festival of Lights and Crackers

Illumination, grandeur, joy, celebration, fun, bonding, are the words that can describe this major and glamorous festival of Hindus.

Children's Day

India's Children's Day is celebrated on November 14 every year , the birthday of India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Thrill and fun now back at Xtreme Zone in Abu Dhabi's Deerfield's Mall

The centre will operational between 1pm to 10pm from Saturday to Wednesday, and from 2pm to 11pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

Love - Fulcrum of Life

Everything revolves round LOVE; LIFE cannot be imagined without LOVE.

Curse for Generations

Short story by Kumudini Kumararajah

Devi Navaratri - Victory of virtue over vice

The auspicious nine days are celebrated with utmost devotion and entirely dedicated to worship MAA DURGA and invoke her blessings.

Enquire And Decide

Short story by Kumudini Kumararajah

Ambitious Doctor And The Foolish Nurse

Short story by Kumudini Kumararajah

Scammers Are Reported

Short story by Kumudini Kumararajah

A Bachelor's Estates

Short story by Kumudini Kumararajah.

Home Gardening tips for Beginners

Home Gardening is an art .Maintaining a beautiful home with a garden requires a fabulous work .

Food For All

Every year, 16th October is observed as WORLD FOOD DAY, to promote awareness and action for those who are hungry and for the need to ensure Healthy Diets for All.

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PONGAL is celebrated from the last day of Tamil month MARGAZHI AND CONTINUES TILL THE THIRD DAY OF THAI MONTH.


The coldest season, is creeping in, stretching its frozen icy fingers to envelope one and all, in its cold and wet blanket wishing to chill us..


KARTHIKA DEEPAM is a festival of Lights, it is an extension of DEEPAVALI. People continue lighting lamps every day even after Deepavali till KARTHIGAI DEEPAM, in front of their houses and temples.

All Shurooq retreats under 'Sharjah Collection' win coveted World Luxury Hotel Awards

Awards honour Shurooq's environmentally conscious journey;recognises its world-class facilities and unsurpassed service standards.


The word DASERA/DUSSHERA is derived from Sanskrit DASHA-HARA, meaning remover of bad or ill fate. VIJAYA DASHAMI, literally meaning victory on the tenth day and is celebration of triumphant Victory of Good over Evil, MAA GODDESS killed The mighty demon king, Mahishasur after a fierceful battle for 9 nights and days and was victorious on the tenth day in eradicating the evil power.

Realme launches 7-series 65W fastest charging phone in UAE.

The devices are manufactured with trendsetting technology that is distinctive in the market.


You might have prepared well before the exam but because of fear factor your minds may become Blank and so you might not write the exam as you could do without fear...

Prawn Biriyani

How to cook Prawn Biriyani Recipe for 3 Members ?

Mental Health For All

Life is not just a Path of Roses, for anyone. It will also have Thorns on it. While we can walk smoothly on Roses, we need to tread on the Thorns more carefully.


The celebrations of Onam start on Atham day, 10 days before Thiruvonam. The 10 days are part of the traditional Onam celebrations and each day has its own importance in various rituals and traditions.


Teachers lead a Life that becomes inspirational to all. They set standards and the world follows them. they make a lasting impact on their students.

Memories Versus Dreams

We are all blessed with warm memories which are treasured in our hearts. These good and bad memories help us to evolve. Though we cannot relive those memories, we enjoy the past glory.